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The stormy cultural revolution now under way in our country has thrown the imperialists, the modern revisionists and the reactionaries of all countries into confusion and panic. A moment later, they become pessimistic, saying that all this has shown that Communist rule remains very stable. Dear Sirs, your wishful thinking invariably runs counter to the march of history.

But what is the actual situation?

The Tide - November by Tide Editors - Issuu

Supreme in authority, the peasant association allows the landlord no say and sweeps away his prestige. This amounts to striking the landlord down to the dust and keeping him there. People swarm into the houses of local tyrants and evil gentry who are against the peasant association, slaughter their pigs and consume their grain.

They even loll for a minute or two on the ivory-inlaid beds belonging to the young ladies in the households of the local tyrants and evil gentry. Such talk may seem plausible, but in fact it is wrong.

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First, the local tyrants, evil gentry and lawless landlords have themselves driven the peasants to this. For ages they have used their power to tyrannize over the peasants and trample them underfoot; that is why the peasants have reacted so strongly. The most violent revolts and the most serious disorders have invariably occurred in places where the local tyrants, evil gentry and lawless landlords perpetrated the worst outrages. The peasants are clear-sighted. Who is bad and who is not, who is the worst and who is not quite so vicious, who deserves severe punishment and who deserves to be let off lightly—the peasants keep clear accounts, and very seldom has the punishment exceeded the crime.

Books by Keegan Hennis

Secondly, a revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another. A rural revolution is a revolution by which the peasantry overthrows the power of the feudal landlord class. Without using the greatest force, the peasants cannot possibly overthrow the deep-rooted authority of the landlords which has lasted for thousands of years.

After , these images were reinforced by story telling, films and theatre productions in which ritual humiliations followed a similar pattern. In response, the Party defended itself with force and carried out a series of massacres. The slogan Attack with Words, Defend by Force came to characterise what was in effect a civil war encouraged by Mao and his more bloodthirsty colleagues for more on this, see below.

This subsequently led to teams of workers occupying universities throughout the country and the gradual end of bloody Red Guard warfare. Tsinghua remains something of a hotbed for pro-Maoist thinking, if not action. Famous for his lament about China becoming de-politicised, Wang is comfortably ensconced in the establishment now that civil life is being weaponised again under Xi Jinping.

Wang is lionised by leftist-nostalgic publishers overseas, as well as by tenured arm-chair revolutionaries, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon world. Some have even managed to convince themselves that he is a dissident! For many years, Tsinghua University also provided a welcoming academic base for Daniel Bell, a fell0w-travelling political scientist, nimble apologist and advocate of pro-Communist Party New Confucianism. Instituted from the late s, the system of class persecution was only gradually dismantled from the late s.

Having been identified as a threat to the party-state, during the New Epoch, these groups have been systematically persecuted. For more on this subject, see G. In this passage the author addresses guardian deities in the traditional and Buddhist pantheons. It is an appeal as well as an accusation, for where were the protectors who generations of believers had venerated when the people really needed them?

In this passage the author appeals to traditional deities and avenging gods, as well as to the soul of the dead teacher himself.

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O soul, go not to the east! In the east is the great sea, where the swelling waters billow endlessly, And water-dragons swim side by side, swiftly darting above and below. It is clammy with rain and fog, that glister white and heavy. O soul, go not to the east, to the desolate Gulf of Brightness! O soul, go not to the south! In the south are a hundred leagues of flaming fire and coiling cobras; The mountains rise sheer and steep; tigers and leopards slink; The cow-fish is there, and the spit-sand, and the rearing python.

There are monsters there that will harm you.

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O soul, go not to the west! In the west are the Moving Sands stretching endlessly on and on, And beasts with heads like swine, slanting eyes and shaggy hair, Long claws and serrated teeth, and wild, made laughter. In the west are many dangers.

Emeritus, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

O soul, go not to the north! In the north are the Frozen Mountain, and the Torch Dragon, glaring red; And the Dai river that cannot be crossed, whose depths are unfathomable; And the sky is white and glittering, and all is congealed with cold. There is no bourne there to your journeying. Only in death was there escape, yet even now the ghost remains unquiet Even this lament from the ancient Indian Rigveda cannot recall the soul of that man who died from such cruel injustice.

For more on this, see Geremie R. Sharpe, Launched in the wake of the nationalisation efforts of the s, and following the purge of Rightists in , Mao and his colleagues assumed that seemingly popular support for their policies could allow them to compete effectively with the Soviet Union, and to face down the industrial powers of the United States and Great Britain on the way to realising a collective Chinese utopia, unique and superior to all other revolutionary movements in human history.

Unrealistic production targets, exaggerated reports from fawning officials and widespread economic incompetence led to a collapse of the agrarian economy and resulted in tens of millions of deaths due to starvation. This dates in particular from the Qin dynasty.

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  6. Xu referred to Qin rulership in Teachers. In the Maoist era whole families were condemned due to the class ranking or political consciousness or errors of one individual. These Lessons in New Sinology are written in part to encourage a historical awareness among our readers. As Simon Leys has noted:. The main problem with many of our politicians and pundits is that their memories are too short, thus forever preventing them from putting events and personalities in a true historical perspective.

    What they failed to note, however — and which should have provided a crucial hint regarding the actual nature and meaning of the move in question — was the the new law was being introduced by Peng Zhen, one of the most notorious butchers of the regime, a man who, thirty years earlier, had organised the ferocious mass accusations, lynchings and public executions of the land-reform programs.

    The latest fashion! And yet No mask, no costume, no disguise Can hide the coiled dragon branded on his naked rump…. China, like a huge dragon, gobbles all in its path, Like a huge vat, dyes all the same colour. Have you not seen the lions of Africa, the lions of America, Fierce kings of the jungle? To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.

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    In these simple words the author gives voice to his understanding of life as one of boundless beauty and possibility, as well as being one of evanescence and sorrow. In combining these two concepts in this telegraphic expression, and in the context of the words that follow, the author is offering a mediation on the follies of the world and the importance of decency and love. From November , the Communists engaged in a vast administrative process to redress the wrongs of the Maoist era. In , the official media reported that over three million miscarriages of justice had been resolved.

    Available statistics suggest that such extra-judicial killings numbered in the millions. The primary benefactors were party cadres and loyalists, then scientists, academics and cultural figures, although by no means everyone was exonerated retaining a handful of scapegoats was necessary to justify decades of murderous cruelty. Lower-status social groups such as workers and peasants did not enjoy similar official largesse, as was daresay the case of this innocent teacher and his family.

    For the unrequited soul, a return to the world of suffering that was life is unwanted. He addresses them and learns they are the remains of the thinker Zhuangzi. Beyond the climes of common thought My reason soared, yet could I not save myself; For at the last when the long charter of my years was told, I, too, for all my magic, by Age was brought To the Black Hill of Death.

    The God of the North shall give me back your ears; I will scour the Southland for your eyes. From the sunrise I will wrest your feet; The West shall yield your heart. I will set each several organ in its throne; Each subtle sense will I restore. Would you not have it so? In death I rest and am at peace; in life, I toiled and strove. Is the hardness of the winter stream Better than the melting of spring? All pride that the body knew Was it not lighter than dust?

    Review: Mass MOCA art exhibit a 'Wonder' to behold, Nick Cave also on view

    The Maker of All Things is my Father and Mother, Heaven is my bed and earth my cushion, The thunder and lightning are my drum and fan, The sun and moon my candle and my torch, The Milky Way my moat, the stars my jewels. With Nature my substance is joined; I have no passion, no desire. Wash me and I shall be no whiter, Foul me and I shall yet be clean. I come not, yet am here; Hasten not, yet am swift.