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When Hae disappeared, Jenn was on winter break.

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She's working part-time as a life guard. And Jay was also working. Jenn said on January 13, she and Jay had been hanging out earlier in the afternoon at her house after she got home from work. Then Jenn says Jay left her house sometime between and They planned to meet later that evening. But then Jenn had gotten a message Jay was running late. He wanted her to pick him up in the parking lot of Westview mall, around eight p.

She goes there and she sees them together. She sees Jay get out of Adnan's car. Adnan says hi to her. She says he seems to be acting normal. Jay gets in her car and that's when he tells her about the murder. After they'd driven a little ways, Jay mentions shovels. The shovels Adnan had used to dig in the park to bury Hae — that they were Jay's shovels from his house. I don't know how many there were — but he mentioned to me that he know that where Adnan put the shovels. Sarah Koenig Jenn tells them she drives Jay back to Westview Mall to the dumpsters back there so that Jay can retrieve the shovels and wipe the handles clean in case of fingerprints.

He was completely shooken up. He was like you have to take me to go see my girlfriend now. He pitched them into a dumpster behind the store. One of the cops points out that, for a guy who's telling you he didn't kill anyone and didn't help dispose of a body, he sure is taking a lot of precautions. It wasn't until today that I thought, I mean, I just don't think that Jay I don't think that Jay would lie to me, first of all, and, like, I don't know — unless Adnan paid Jay a good sum of money, I really don't see Jay helping him.

Sarah Koenig Finally, the cop asks, were Adnan and Jay best friends? More like casual acquaintances.

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That same night the detectives go get Jay at the video store where he works. It's actually a porn video store, which, come trial, Adnan's attorney will stress with relish at every opportunity. Anyway, the cops bring him down to homicide. By the time they turn on the tape recorder, it's one thirty in the morning on February My decision to answer questions-- Sarah Koenig So they get Jay in the interview room and, initially, he pulls a Jenn. He tells them nothing, more or less. One major piece of information about this crime that the cops are still missing.

They do not know where Hae's car is. They've been looking all over the place for it.

clearnlp-dictionary/ at master · clir/clearnlp-dictionary · GitHub

They can't find it. Now, Jay tells them he knows where it is. Sarah Koenig So that's huge for them. Jay will take them to the car. And he does. Once they're finished at headquarters, they all drive out in the middle of the night to where the car is parked, on a grassy hill behind some row houses off Edmondson Avenue. Within a few hours, they'll have a warrant for Adnan's arrest. What do you mean? Like what do you mean Jay? He says when he first heard Ritz and MacGillivary mention Jay's name in connection with his own arrest, he was just confused.

No I mean, I had, I had no idea and the reaction that he gave me was like stop playing dumb. Sarah Koenig It's not like there was some secret feud between Jay and Adnan, at least not that I know of. There was no drug deal gone wrong.

Neither had bad mouthed the other or stolen the other's girlfriend. To hear Adnan tell it, it sounds like they didn't even know each other very well. When I first asked him what their friendship was like — what Jay was like as a person — Adnan really had to reach. He wasn't that into sports. Like, uh uh, heavy metal. Um, I like I guess you know uh I can't really um I just, you know, like uh, I can't — to be honest with you — I couldn't even really recall like a huge long conversation that we ever had other than like a specific subject.

If he was asking me something about Stephanie or something like where we were gonna go. We're hanging out but we wouldn't necessarily be kicking it per se, right? And Adnan says that's the only thing he can think of now that might have turned Jay against him. Stephanie was smart, she was top athlete at the school, she was beautiful by any standard. She looked like a model. She came from a family of achievers who did not approve of Jay but had no problem with Adnan. So maybe Stephanie's relationship with Adnan — how affectionate they were with each other, the constant talking on the phone, the prom prince and princess stuff — maybe that was gnawing at Jay.

I was like no I never, you know, my relationship, you know, we were just friends. He says it was more a feeling of injustice. So, in my heart, I kinda like — don't know, I don't know if there's a part of me that I don't wanna make accusations against someone else without, you know, not being sure of it because obviously it happened to me.

Sarah Koenig A year after Adnan was arrested and the case came to trial, Jay walked up to the witness stand.

There's a moment when Adnan muttered something to him. He says he couldn't help himself. The judge called the attorneys up to the bench. Quote - I was just informed by my Sheriff that the Defendant made a comment to the witness as the witness approached the stand indicating that he was pathetic, the judge said. I want to advise Mr.

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Syed that up until now he has been perfect -- don't spoil it. In the first taped interview, the detectives ask Jay why would Adnan turn to someone he didn't even know all that well to help him with this murder. Sarah Koenig I'm the criminal element of Woodlawn, he says. It's like how the student body sees me.

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You know, I mean, people who really know me know that I'm not like that but, you know, you get a certain reputation and kinda sticks with you. That I would know someone or know where or something.

Think about it, she said. Do you really believe that the defendant, meaning Adnan, could go to one of his upstanding Magnet School Honor Student friends or a friend from the mosque to assist him with this act? Of course not. He needed someone who behaved a little more dangerously than those people. He needed someone who took risks. The defendant hopes that you will look at Jay and say I don't believe him.