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Medical Telecommunications. News and Highlights. Latest News. Previous View the Previous slide Next View the next slide. Discover Homes by Neighborhood Uptown. Garden District. Lower Garden District. Irish Channel. Warehouse - CBD. French Quarter.

Stolen Child

See More Neighborhoods. New Listing. You've viewed this 0 times. Steamboat service on the Mackenzie River began in the s, and the number of vessels surged in the early s as the Klondike Gold Rush brought a wave of prospectors to the Yukon. The Mackenzie River was one of the main routes into the northern interior, with sternwheelers transporting passengers, domestic supplies and industrial goods from as far upstream as the Athabasca River all the way to the delta, though with several areas such as the huge rapids on the Slave River requiring portages.

The route taken by gold seekers started in Edmonton and followed the Athabasca, Slave and Mackenzie Rivers as far as the Peel River , then up the Peel and its tributary the Rat River to the headwaters of the Porcupine River , which flows to the Yukon River. Oil was discovered at Norman Wells in the s, beginning a period of industrialization in the Mackenzie valley. Oil was initially shipped out by steamboats, supplying mines and towns across the NWT. This demand grew when gold was discovered on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake, leading to the settlement of Yellowknife and the opening of several mines in the area.

It only operated for thirteen months, shutting down in Much abandoned equipment remains along the corridor today; part of the pipeline route has been designated the Canol Heritage Trail. Although the mine shut down in , the railroad remains an important transportation link between the Mackenzie River waterway and the rest of Canada.

In the s the U. The projects were never built due to the massive cost and environmental impact. The Royal Canadian Mint honoured the th anniversary of the naming of the Mackenzie River with the issue of a silver commemorative dollar in In , a cultural landscape along the section of the Mackenzie River at Tsiigehtchic was designated the Nagwichoonjik Mackenzie River National Historic Site of Canada due to its cultural, social and spiritual significance to the Gwichya Gwich'in.

In , Canadian and Japanese researchers extracted a constant stream of natural gas from a test project at the Mallik methane hydrate field in the Mackenzie Delta. This was the second such drilling at Mallik: the first took place in and used heat to release methane. In the experiment, researchers were able to extract gas by lowering the pressure, without heating, requiring significantly less energy.

The cold northern permafrost regions beyond the Arctic Circle are very sparsely populated, mainly by indigenous peoples.

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Some parts of the Mackenzie basin are rich in natural resources — oil and gas in the Northwest Territories and in central Alberta , lumber in the Peace River headwaters, uranium in Saskatchewan, gold and zinc in the Great Slave Lake area and tungsten in the Yukon.

As of there were two operational gold mines in Yellowknife, and many more abandoned mines dot the region.

Agriculture in the Mackenzie River basin is mainly concentrated in the Peace and Athabasca valleys to the south. The valley of the former river is considered to be some of the best northern farmland in Canada, due to the high concentration of minerals found in the soil. Norman Wells was the main oil-producing area on the Mackenzie River until the s, when new oil fields were discovered further north in the Mackenzie delta [59] and the surrounding coastline.

As of , there were an estimated billion barrels of oil reserves in this region. There is a proposal for a Mackenzie Valley Pipeline , which has not been built due to environmental concerns and falling oil and gas prices. During the ice-free season, the Mackenzie is a major transportation link through the vast wilderness of northern Canada, linking the many isolated communities along its course. Wide, calm sections of the river are frequently used to land seaplanes in the ice-free season.

Example Sentences Including 'rêve'

Canada's northernmost major railhead is located at the town of Hay River , on the south shore of Great Slave Lake. Goods shipped there by train and truck are loaded onto barges of the Inuit-owned Northern Transportation Company. Barge traffic travels the entire length of the Mackenzie in long "trains" of up to fifteen shallow-draft vessels pulled by tugboats. Goods are shipped as far as the port of Tuktoyaktuk on the eastern end of the Mackenzie Delta, where they are transferred to oceangoing vessels and delivered to communities along Canada's Arctic coast and the numerous islands to the north.

Although the Mackenzie River is generally wide and deep, navigation is "notoriously difficult" due to the locations of sandbars and shallows changing from year to year. In some narrower parts of the river, barges must be uncoupled and towed one by one through hazardous stretches, despite attempts to widen and deepening the channel by blasting. Although there are no dams along the main stem of the Mackenzie, many of its tributaries and headwaters have been developed for hydroelectricity production, flood control and irrigation.

The W.

Immobilier de luxe - Paris, Londres, Miami

They have a combined capacity of more than 3, megawatts MW. Bennett, Williston Lake , is the largest body of fresh water in BC and the ninth largest man-made lake in the world, with a volume of By acting as a massive stabilizer on the water flow of the Peace River, Williston Lake reduces flood crests on the Peace, Slave and Mackenzie rivers as far downstream as Fort Good Hope. The more stable annual flow slows down the spread of essential nutrients which builds up in the form of sediments, thus causing the river to become more polluted. There have been many proposals to dam the tributaries of the Mackenzie River which would lead to further impacts on water quality and seasonal flow patterns.

French VAT Reverse Charge - Avalara

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Malian army and French troops secure a bridge crossing the Niger River, local reax

Retrieved 28 October Hydrology of Natural and Manmade Lakes. International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Archived from the original PDF on 2 April CBC News. IBA Canada.

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Cartography by Natural Resources Canada. ACME Mapper. Cartography by Yukon Environment Geomatics. Yukon Environment. Archived from the original on 31 March Freshwater Ecoregions of the World. Retrieved 17 September Archived from the original on 14 April Retrieved 8 October World Lakes Database. International Lake Environment Committee Foundation.

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