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Lies and Liberation: The Rape of Europa - Barbara Berot - Google книги

Owen Matthews. John F. Larry J. Tom Standage.

Craig Steven Wilder. Frederick Taylor. Not Enabled. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The first book in this series captured my attention and I kept reading and reading. The second one was still good but not quite as good as first.

It is a bit contrived, You can almost predict what is going to happen next. The heroine is somewhat of a "perils of Pauline" type who seems to be a victim throughout her life. But I loved the settings and will have to read the next one at some point. Both books kept my interest to the point of not wanting to put the books down, with anticipation of what would happen next, to not wanting their lives and stories to end. Thank you Barbara Berot and can't wait for the saga to continue One person found this helpful. I read the summary and then put it on a book shelf. I finally decided to read it and WOW I couldn't put it down.

I loved it!!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting the release of the third book. I can't wait. Sometimes the past cannot help but profoundly predict the future! Andrew Stuart-Gordon makes a decision in the present to live with the one love of his life, Annie, recently separated from her own husband, Mike. Simple enough, right? No, not quite!

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Barbara Berot's novel is a story of romance unlike the majority of romantic novels being published today! For her characters can't just make their decisions and move on to create a different future. Andrew at first believes he can maintain his relationship with his wife, Janet, and Annie is led by Andrew to maintain her connection with Mike. But neither Andrew nor Annie realize the familial decisions made years earlier that involved subterfuge, infidelity, betrayal, possible murder and other deviant actions that are about to implode smack in the middle of their romance!

One person will seek to bribe Andrew into compliant abandonment of Annie. He also has no idea of how Andrew's intense passion will lead to action rather than passive acceptance, resulting in page-turning, searing plots and counterplots that leave the reader hanging on for the hoped-for yet not so inevitable conclusion.

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How will vengeance and protection play out in these characters who phenomenally talk out the evolution of their past with everyone around them? What are the possibilities for characters who refuse to let go? What are those who are left in the dust of this whirlwind romance to do or not to do? Barbara Berot is a master creator of plot and subplot. Her story seems more realistic because readers know it just isn't that easy to ignore the past and forge onward into the "happily ever after" scenario that passion imagines!

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Maintaining tension and connection, she deftly succeeds in compulsively drawing the reader into the complexities of this second novel of a series that will definitely be welcomed by her ardent readers! Also included are some lovely descriptions of Scotland's beautiful Highland country and France's luscious vineyard atmosphere. Quite different and a refreshingly new approach to the typical romance novel! Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on March 9, Just like When Europa Rode the Bull this novel is well written and hard to put down.