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Within a few days of arriving, her new friend Ingrid a fellow apartment sitter disappears. I read this one in 24 hours.

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Lisa Taddeo followed three women and their sex lives over the course of eight years. They see a therapist who takes the side of her husband. Lina begins an extramarital affair with her high school boyfriend. And then there is Maggie, who had an affair with her teacher when she was a student. Years after it happened, she speaks out against him publicly.

And then there is beautiful Sloane, who is happily married but whose husband enjoys watching her with other men or women. I devoured her other books I loved The Wedding Date and was medium on The Proposal and am just such a fan of everything she writes.

The Christmas Cookie Club

They all stand on their own perfectly. She finds him to be nerdy at best, demeaning and condescending at worst. Holy moly — this is one of those books that just haunts you after you finish reading it!!! Malin is a college student, with a dark past and a family secret. She attends Hawthorne College up in Maine. The book opens on senior day, the day before a murder. This is about a teen mom Emoni growing up in Philly, living with her grandmother and daughter Emma.

The book is so sweet but all I could think about for so much of it was how priviliged and lucky my own highschool days were. Okay, this one frustrated me a little bit because the ending felt like a bit of a cop out did you read this? Do you agree!? The novel opens up with the main character, Rowan, writing her lawyer from jail after being put on trial for murdering a little girl. But first, we must back up. We get to know Rowan as she stumbles across the job of her dreams, nannying for what seems to be the perfect family in the Scottish countryside.

A beautiful home, an extremely high paying salary… it seems too good to be true. The parents leave her for weeks on end, ghosts seem to be haunting the place. And the elderly housekeeper. This book follows three best friends from college into their fifties. I loved this book and the realistic portrayal of friendship; but I also loved the way it showed their friendships evolving over thirty years and how while each character faced horrible, life-altering events, they were always okay. This is the story of Geraldine living in Toronto and reeling after the end of her engagement and her two friends Rachel and Sunny, who live in New York.

But when she gets there nothing is quite as shiny as it appears. This book is so raw and real — by the end of the book I felt like I knew each of the characters. Loved it. So I powered through, and I have to say, once the main character stopped whining so much, it got very cute and the ending was very satisfying. But still, it took a while to get there. Confusion within her family immediately ensues as she is taken into custody and isolated from her family. Was 32 year old Christopher a psychopath?

Was Stella prone to violence? Did she do it? This kept me guessing and while it was an unputdownable thriller, it also dealt with bigger stuff: morality… lying for your child… rape… it was dark, and definitely made me think! Dean finds his pitching arm out of sorts and decides to escape to Maine for a bit to regroup and get away from the city.

Imagine if after the Revolutionary War, George Washington became the king and not the president. And then, fast forward to modern day and write a book about the teenagers set to rule the palace. Samantha is the wild child, Jefferson is the dreamy prince that every girl wants. Alicia Berenson has a perfect life. One night she shoots her husband Gabriel, five times in the face, and decides never to speak again.

She is institutionalized. Years later though, she still refuses to speak. The book is told from the perspective of criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber, who is fascinated maybe to a fault by Alicia.

Biblio File

He becomes obsessed with treating her, and is led down a very dark path as he discovers the truth. And so despite hating each other, they head on the romantic trip of a lifetime… to Hawaii. Through a series of semi-predictable events, they fall for each other. Parts were a bit predictable and parts reminded me of The Hating Game a bit too closely but honestly?

She finds her career stalling. She finds herself tapped to join a task force dedicated to undermining Thomas Sankara the communist president of Burkina Faso. But everything is more complicated than that.

Books About Feelings And Emotions and Empathy

This is the story of two college friends, Stella and Violet. Stella is the rich and pretty one, for whom everything always comes easy. Her best friend Violet is the hard worker. But then they go off to college and Violet finds herself succeeding at work, finally out of the shadows. She starts off as an intern for a network show and quickly climbs the ranks to producer.

Of being let down. It begins when she and her roommate Eve meet Tinker Grey, a beautiful and exciting young man with and adventurous spirit. Suddenly she finds herself immersed in this very glamorous world of New York high society. But all that glitters is not gold. There are twists and turns and she finds herself let down and shocked time and time again.

Candlewick Press - Authors & Illustrators

She also finds herself, learns to rely on herself my favorite part , and begins to build a career. When she finds herself stuck in the summer for the city, she discovers Flame — the hot new spin studio. This is a fun, murdery thriller reminiscent of Mr. Smith, if you watched that. The unnamed narrator and his wife Millicent are good parents.

They have a nice life. She sells real estate and he is a tennis instructor.

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