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De richtlijn kan pas na goedkeuring worden aangevochten. Similar consequences of the financial transaction tax are also expected in other Member States not participating in enhanced cooperation. Is the Commission aware of the real consequences of the financial transaction tax? What does it think of the two aforementioned statements?

What is the legal basis of the obligation of Member States who do not participate in enhanced cooperation to cover amounts incurred from the financial transaction tax?

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Does the Commission still maintain its opinion that the proposed financial transaction tax meets all of the criteria defined in the Treaties? What would be the consequences of a judgment by the European Court of Justice that the financial transaction tax is not in line with European law? How would it be possible to repair the damage already done? The Commission proposal for a Council Directive implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax.

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The outcome of the analysis was that such cooperation is in line with the relevant articles in the Treaties. This view was shared by the Council, who adopted the authorisation proposed by the Commission by qualified majority cf. As mentioned, the directive implementing enhanced cooperation has not yet been adopted and could be challenged only after such adoption. What steps does it intend to take to protect Cypriots — who are EU citizens — from the certainty of soaring unemployment, mass poverty and social misery?

What is its position regarding the unprecedented decision by the Eurogroup to force the Republic of Cyprus to impose a haircut on deposits, in violation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which provides for the protection of the right to property? Cyprus is a unique case because of the size of its banking sector combined with its structure, level of risk-taking and suboptimal supervision.

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  • Meaning of "Feinstaub" in the German dictionary?
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The Commission is aware of the challenges posed by the current economic and financial crisis in terms of social consequences. The Commission stands fully at the side of the Member States during these very challenging times. The increase in unemployment underlines the need for an overall assessment of activation policies and available instruments for income support after the expiration of unemployment insurance benefits. A reform of public assistance has been agreed with the Cypriot authorities and should ensure that social assistance serves as a safety net to ensure a minimum income for those unable to support a basic standard of living, while safeguarding incentives to take up work, ensuring consistency with the reform of the welfare system.

Considering the gravity of the economic situation, the Commission is setting up a Support Group for the recovery of the Cypriot economy. It will assist the Cypriot authorities in their efforts to reform the growth model of the Cypriot economy as soon as possible. Its objective is to do everything possible to alleviate the social consequences of the economic shock by allowing a quick emergence of new types of economic activity, by mobilising funds from EU instruments and by supporting the Cypriot authorities' efforts to restore financial, economic and social stability.

Belangrijk is ook de vaststelling dat de Palestijnse gevangenen en opgeslotenen steeds vaker worden onderworpen aan geregelde en willekeurige foltering en mishandeling, als in het geval van Arafat Jaradat, die in februari is overleden na in de gevangenis te zijn gefolterd. De kwestie wordt geregeld besproken in de werkgroep mensenrechten in het kader van de bestaande associatieovereenkomst.

De resultaten van daarvan zouden zo spoedig mogelijk bekend moeten worden gemaakt.

Meaning of "Feinstaub" in the German dictionary

Since , more than Palestinian people have been arrested, detained and imprisoned under Israeli military law. This represents the highest rate of incarceration worldwide. Detentions of this nature have also occurred at peaceful demonstrations, according to the Public Committee against Torture in Israel. The resolution calls on the Israeli authorities to respect the rights of Palestinian prisoners and to protect their health, dignity and lives. The EU has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Israeli authorities to its concerns regarding Palestinian detainees, notably with regard to hunger-strikers and to administrative detainees.

Under international law, detainees have the right to be informed about the reasons underlying any detention, and the decision on detention itself must be subject to a meaningful review process. The EU calls on Israel to bring formal charges against any individuals detained, with a view to bringing them to a fair trial without undue delay. The EU regularly raises the issue of Palestinian prisoners with Israel at all levels, including at the level of the Association Council.

The question is regularly discussed in the human rights working group under the existing Association Agreement and EU concerns are reflected in its annual progress reports. Israel disputes the claim that Arafat Jaradat died after being tortured. Small and medium-sized wine producers, the majority of which are family businesses, generate most of their income through direct sales.


What is more, European rural development policy encourages wine tourism and the use of direct marketing methods which bypass wholesalers and retailers. If the buyer does not travel to the Member State in which the goods are purchased, excise duty must be paid in the Member State of destination. Wine growers who wish to export limited quantities of wine to private individuals are forced to appoint a tax representative, who then pays the excise duty in the country of destination.

This inevitably increases the price of the wine substantially, to the extent that potential customers are put off. The administrative procedures involved also vary considerably from one Member State to another. Whilst large concerns with EU-wide distribution networks can shrug them off, these unnecessary administrative complications serve to exclude small and medium-sized wine producers from the internal market. Does the Commission intend to simplify the administrative arrangements in question so that small and medium-sized firms can participate fully in the internal market?

Die Dialektik der historischen Aufklärung gegen die AfD

Does it not agree that funding for rural development, and in particular for the promotion of wine tourism, would be more effective if wine growers were able to continue selling their products directly to tourists even after the latter have returned home? The Commission is aware of the internal market inefficiencies due to the arrangements for distance selling of excise goods released for consumption and in particular in the trade of wine, which mostly affects small and medium-sized wine producers.

It is expected to report by the middle of The Commission wishes to reduce the administrative burdens and complications, which hit all the actors involved in these transactions in order to make the single market more efficient, which would inevitably lead to reducing the costs for this sector of the economy.

The Commission, in its proposal for the rural development policy for the next programming period The issue raised by the Honourable Member basically relates to taxation and falls within the remit of the Member of the Commission responsible for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud. In this respect, please bear in mind that all decisions adopted by the Commission must respect the collegiality principle.

Generaldebatte Klimaschutz des Stuttgarter Gemeinderats

People who have trained privately as an airline pilot need a good type rating that entitles them to fly a particular type of aircraft if they are to find permanent employment with an airline as a pilot. Is it right for the airlines to demand such high charges for the necessary type ratings? Is the Commission considering standardising the arrangements for acquiring a type rating throughout Europe, in particular in relation to the obviously very variable cost level?

These technical requirements have been developed by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA and serve the purpose of establishing a high uniform level of civil aviation safety throughout the European Union. These legal instruments do not cover the pricing for training as this issue falls under the responsibility of the Member States and airlines. Betrifft: Kinder und Jugendliche mit Bluthochdruck. Wie viele Kinder und Jugendlicher sind in den einzelnen Mitgliedstaaten betroffen? Ferner werden die Ziele der Strategie mithilfe von Projekten verwirklicht, die aus dem 7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm der EU finanziert werden und u.

Can the Commission offer an estimate of the number of children and adolescents affected throughout Europe? Does the Commission propose to launch long-term studies on this issue aimed at significantly improving the current situation? What measures will the Commission recommend to the Member States in order to counter this serious health problem among young people, thereby also reducing health and social costs in the long term?

The Commission does not collect data on the number of children suffering from hypertension. The other priority areas are better informed consumers; making the healthy option available; encouraging physical activity; and developing monitoring systems and the evidence base to support policy making. It is essential that actions continue to be developed and carried out by Member States at regional and local levels.


As salt intake plays a critical role in regulating blood pressure, the High Level Group jointly agreed in to a common EU Framework for National Salt Initiatives with common vision for a European approach towards salt reduction. Dies ist Aufgabe der Mitgliedstaaten. What steps has the Commission taken and what steps is it planning in the near future to reduce the transport of animals over long journeys? A recital to legislation does not include normative provisions; it rather specifies the statement of reasons for the adoption of the legislation and motivates the chief provisions of the enacting terms.

Enforcement is the responsibility of Member States. Insbesondere die Seegrenze zum Libanon gilt als umstritten. Der EU ist die fragile Sicherheitslage in der Region voll und ganz bewusst und sie engagiert sich aktiv an mehreren Fronten. In view of the fact that the sea borders are not legally secured except with Cyprus , a dispute over sea borders is almost inevitable in relation to extractions from the Tamar and Leviathan Fields.

OF CORRUPTION PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

The sea border with Lebanon is particularly contentious. What preparations are being made at EU level for a foreseeable deterioration of the security situation in the Middle East? The EU is acutely aware of the fragile security situation in the region and remains actively engaged on several fronts.

follow url It has consistently called for comprehensive peace in the Middle East, including the Syrian and the Lebanese track. The EU has welcomed the Arab Peace Initiative, which also holds out the prospect of normalisation of relations between Israel and the Arab world. The discovery of extensive gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean underlines the benefits which could be secured from cooperation.

Auf EU-Ebene widmet man sich ja nun dem massiven Bienensterben. The EU is now focusing on the massive collapse of the bee population. Important measures to encourage bees include the environmental design of public spaces and the raising of awareness among the public. For example, it is helpful if meadows are not mown too frequently to allow them to flower. Organic farming practices avoiding the use of insecticides also play an important role in protecting bees. Are there any EU-wide projects aimed at raising awareness among the public of the importance of protecting bees?

Several of these support measures have a positive effect on the protection of bee population. Additionnally, several general measures to promote a more sustainable agriculture are proposed in the frame of the reform of the common agricultural policy. Specific measures such as encouraging the maintenance of certain areas with melliferous plants are also discussed. The EU has conducted and is continuing to carry out several projects in relation to the protection of bees.

Betrifft: Euro-Krise verschlechtert Zugang zu medizinischer Versorgung. Erstmals brechen in Europa also Epidemien wie Malaria aus. Bisher ist die Lage unter Kontrolle. A study carried out by the European Observatory on Health Policies and Health Systems has come to the conclusion that rigid austerity policies in the crisis countries of the euro area are partly responsible for a drastic deterioration in the health of citizens, particularly in Greece, Spain and Portugal. In Greece, hospitals are apparently experiencing problems maintaining even minimum medical standards.

Reports suggest that there have already been worrying outbreaks of illnesses such as malaria, West Nile fever or Dengue fever virus. This is the first time that Europe has experienced outbreaks of epidemics like malaria. Thus they are actively monitored at European level and coordination of measures, including information to the public, active surveillance and vector control measures have been promptly undertaken in the countries in which cases have been identified.

The Commission continues to monitor the situation with these diseases which so far has been under control. The study in question further notes that a general assessment of the effects of recent policy reforms on access to care and health outcomes is not yet possible. Consequently, the Commission does not have, at this stage, a comprehensive overview of overall health impacts resulting from recent fiscal reform measures.