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Born in Harlem, she began dancing at five and went on to make a career of it before she turned eighteen. In her later years, Norma Miller played a major role in the swing revival from the s until her death early in She claimed to have been assigned female at birth in Burgundy and raised as a boy, but her elderly roommate got quite a shock when she found her dead body had male genitalia.

She earned a meagre living after the French Revolution by performing in English fencing tournaments, wrote an unreliable autobiography and developed her own theology of virtuous womanhood, and died at the impressive age of In the UK and beyond, she was key in the spread of modern day Wicca, now a world-wide religion. Doreen also had more than a few secrets under her cape.

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Divya Anantharaman of Gotham Taxidermy brings us the story of American naturalist and taxidermy pioneer Martha Maxwell. The Blue Plaque marking the last home Doreen lived in. The Lion of Gripsholm is an infamous example of what happens when someone who has never seen the animal alive is tasked with recreating it from its skin alone. And, get a load of these ocelots! Again, one was prepared by someone with little to no knowledge of the actual animal. Martha Maxwell sensibly attired in her hunting outfit. Six Lives in Rhythm and Blues.

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Head over to Spotify for our special playlist…. Here comes show number 23! In which we bring you three women who suffered for their passions but left us inspiring legacies and impressive role models — a lady lepidopterist from Norwich, a coffee-brewing Canadian poet with magical concerns, and a pioneering Korean artist and essayist. Join us on September 24th, 8pm, at the ACUD Studio for an evening of entertainment, inspiration, and fabulous females. As always, presented in a messy mixture of English and German. Once again generously supported by the Berliner Senat. Doors open — come on time to get a good seat and a good drink!

She discovered, documented, and bred specimens for more than 50 years, reportedly dying with a butterfly net in her hand while collecting in Trinidad. She published scientific papers in The Entomologist and became the only female fellow in the Royal Entomological Society in Fountaine met her partner and traveling companion Khalil Neimy in Damascus, where she hired him as a dragoman.

She taught herself Hebrew, Arabic, ancient and modern Greek, and French, and translated from all of them. The pair is credited with inventing the tape loop, and possibly the audio book. Electronic music as we know it would not exist without Bebe, nor would the sounds we associate with outer space. Episode 24 comes fresh from Berlin, where our writer and translation friend Isabel Cole tells us about glamorous Hollywood star-slash-inventor Hedy Lamarr. For more online fun, how about the less-racy-than-you-might-expect movie Ecstasy? Especially good for horse enthusiasts.

As aways, presented in a messy mixture of English and German. While we love the film adaptation of this one more than words can describe—the Donald Westlake-penned screenplay does justice to the book, and Angelika Huston is everything —the original novel is still a tough-as-nails classic that you can finish in an afternoon. A cautionary note: while this book can be read quickly, it will leave you far too emotionally devastated to go about any of your ordinary tasks for at least an hour afterward.

Why she kills them is another matter entirely. Class, race, and gender intersect on every page, for a book that will stick in your mind long after you finish the last page.

A Cafe in Space The Anais Nin Literary Journal, Volume 10 on PopScreen

Each tale plays havoc with a different trope of feminine cunning or wiles, and each ends in a gruesome murder. I reread this collection every couple of years.

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Take that how you will. This book is so. Like, Gerard Depardieu was narrating it in my mind the whole way through. Her fears, however, may be more grounded in reality than she would prefer to imagine—especially the sinister intents of her new lodger. Gabino Iglesias is helping create and define a new subgenre of Barrio noir, telling stories of the Southwestern demi-monde, from migrants, to gangsters, to narcos you can read more about the new wave of Latinx noir here.

Stella Blum Student Research Grant Report

This one was part of my favorite publishing imprint ever—R. What is this Switchblade, you might ask? Switchblade was an imprint of PM Press that, for approximately five years, published some of the most brutal and heart-rending noir ever written, with an emphasis on socially engaged crime fiction that went straight to my little commie heart. But what about this particular book?

Scott Adlerberg is a film junkie, so expect this tight little novel to conjure cinematic dreams. A loner who lives with his mother becomes obsessed with a red-headed woman who is a frequent visitor to the graveyard across the street. During a cold winter in upstate in New York, the narrator, his mother, and the mysterious woman grow inexorably intertwined, each pursuing a separate, but equally dangerous, obsession. Mirages is the fifth installment of the unexpurgated version of Anais Nin's famous diary.

A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal, Volume 15

It opens at the dawn of World War II when Nin has arrived in New York after fleeing France, and it closes just after she meets the man who would become her most fiery lover, Rupert Pole. In between was a time of personal hell, incredible creativity, and many relationships, including one with Gore Vidal.

Written in modernist prose, Cities explores the psychological and sexual dramas lived out by their fractured characters, each of whom seek to become whole through their experiences. Words: 27, Anais Nin's first book, published in by Edward Titus in Paris, was a critical examination of the work of controversial British author D.

Of all the books written about Lawrence, his widow Frieda said this one "was the best. Words: 38, Words: 45, The central character, Lillian, arrives in exotically primitive Mexico from New York, in part to forget her crumbling marriage and to find flow in her life after years of arrest.

A Cafe in Space

She befriends Dr. Hernandez, who is also trying to forget, and their friendship ends in both tragedy and enlightenment. Words: 42, The Four-Chambered Heart, Anais Nin's third title in the Cities of the Interior series of novels, is one of Nin's most compelling books, with well-defined characters Djuna, Rango, and Zora , rhythmic waves of tension, and a powerful climax. This new authoritative edition contains Nin's introduction, character descriptions, publishing history, and an author's chronology.

Words: 34, Words: 97, Anais Nin's second work of fiction, The Winter of Artifice, was, according to Nin, her only banned book. Published in France in , it consisted of 3 novellas, each of which fictionalized an important event in Nin's life: her affair with Henry and June Miller "Hans and Johanna" , her incestuous relationship with her father "Lilith" , and her relationship with Otto Rank "The Voice". Words: 41, A handy source book of Nin's most important writings, arranged chronologically and annotated by Nin scholar Benjamin Franklin V.